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What We Will Do For You

Mae'n ofynnol i bob person ifanc a dderbynnir i uned Gwasanaeth Pobl Ifanc Gogledd Cymru (GPIGC) fynychu Canolfan Addysg Nant-y-Bryniau. Byddwn yn gweithio gyda chi a'ch ysgol gartref neu goleg i ddarparu cynllun dysgu personol i chi i'ch helpu i gadw ar y trywydd iawn gyda'ch addysg tra yn yr ysbyty. Rydym yn deall y gallech ei chael hi’n anodd ymgysylltu â’ch addysg oherwydd eich anawsterau iechyd meddwl felly rydym yn gobeithio y bydd y wybodaeth ganlynol yn helpu i leddfu unrhyw bryderon sydd gennych. 


Rydym yn darparu addysg briodol mewn amgylchedd dysgu diogel, sefydlog a chynhwysol. Mae staff addysgu yn brofiadol iawn wrth gysylltu â'ch ysgolion prif ffrwd neu golegau i helpu i ddarparu addysg i chi sy'n cyd-fynd â'r hyn a gaiff eich cyfoedion. Rydym hefyd yn gweithio'n agos gyda'ch tîm gofal iechyd felly byddwn yn ymwybodol o unrhyw faterion a allai fod yn effeithio ar eich gallu i weithio ar eich lefel orau.

“Almost all pupils make outstanding progress during their time at the PRU.”     - Estyn

If You Are in Years 7 to 11

With your permission, we will work closely with someone at your school that you know so that you can get on with the work that your peers will be doing while you are not there.  We understand that this is important to you as you will not want to fall behind with the work by the time you are ready to return.  However, this will be done in a manageable and supportive way that will not put increased pressure on you during an already difficult time.

All our pupils study the core subjects of  English, Welsh, maths, and science as well as PSE.   Where possible we want you to continue studying all your other subjects too.  However, if you feel that you have recently missed too much school and have not been in a particular lesson for a long time; there may be scope to negotiate to remove that subject from your timetable.  We want to help you manage your studies with us so that you feel in control of your workload during your time with us.  Regular contact with mainstream teachers will be important so that they understand how things are going for you.


If you have any exams to sit while with us we will help you to prepare for these and help you gain the confidence needed to sit the exams either with us or at your mainstream school.

If You Are Post-16

If you are in school or at college then we can provide for you too.  Even if you have stopped going to school and thought that your education was over, we can help you find relevant courses, including helping you find routes into further and higher education.  You may have left education entirely; we can help you discover new interests to help occupy your time therapeutically.   Some of the activities enjoyed by previous young people include learning to play an instrument, gardening, cooking, arts & crafts including pottery, photography, animation, computer programming and even learning how to change a tyre on a bike.

If You Are a Kite Patient

As a community patient, we will only get involved with your education if you need support.  Some young people who have dropped out of their school or college or are too ill for mainstream school have attended Nant-y-Bryniau up to five afternoons each week to continue their curriculum, work on basic skills and if needed have support in identifying what they could go on to do. This sometimes involves access to Careers Wales through us.

Some young people do have an education placement but they are struggling to access it.  In these instances, we might offer support and coaching to re-integrate and make some changes with the college or school so that they might support you better.  In the past, we have helped young people with their applications to further education and accompanied them for inductions and to meet support staff on-site.  Really, Kite Education is very flexible and depends on individual needs.

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