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Creative Skills Group

Creative Skills Group is a relaxed, therapeutic group that takes place on Kestrel Ward once a week on Monday afternoons.  The Art Therapist facilitates the group in partnership with nursing and teaching staff.   All young people are welcomed and encouraged to join in.  The therapist will help you think about how the group activities fit in with your own specific treatment plan, depending on what you want to work on.  For instance, using the art materials may help you express yourself and begin talking about things that trouble you. 

5 ways to Well-being

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The arts are a great way to improve our mental health and well-being.  Many of the arts activities that you can try to connect with people; we new learn new creative skills; we are active - especially when we're singing, or dancing; we take notice and look at the world in a different way when we see a play or an exhibition; and we share our experiences and ideas through the arts. 

Clear Slime
Nail Art
Children Playing Bongo Drums
Arts and Crafts
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