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Supporting Your Learning

Our aim is to make sure that everyone feels equally valued and accepted and to make sure that all young people are able to continue with their mainstream studies while here at Nant y Bryniau.


We liaise with mainstream schools/colleges about any Additional Learning Needs (ALN) a young person might have and continue with the support they are already receiving.


If a young person does not have a school or college place, then we will identify and assess any ALN and provide appropriate support.


Soon after admission, a one page profile will be completed in which young people will be able to show what people think about them, what is important to them and how they like to be supported. This will be shared with all the education staff so that we can work as effectively as possible with all young people.

The principles of Nant-y-Bryniau Education Centre are:


  • To ensure that all young people are encouraged, valued and accepted equally.

  • To ensure full entitlement and access for all young people to a high quality education within a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, to enable them to show their potential, and to raise their self esteem.

  • To identify, and assess as early, and thoroughly as possible, the ALN needs of pupils who are not in a mainstream school placement.

  • To obtain information from mainstream schools about the ALN needs of their young people who are receiving education temporarily in NyB Education Centre.

  • To offer continual and appropriate ALN support by use of available resources.

  • To work towards close co-operation between parents, mainstream schools, and other agencies to maintain the ALN provision for the young person during their stay at NyB Education Centre.

  • The ALNCO will ensure that accurate information about the young person’s additional learning needs is collated on admission.

  • The ALNCO will work with LEA Education Psychologists and mainstream ALN colleagues to ensure that steps towards new ALN requirements are worked towards with the creation of IDPs and action plans



  • A Personal Profile will be generated as close to arrival as is practical for young people under 16 for whom concerns/needs have been highlighted

  • ALN observations and practical information with be shared via the ERS, at daily handovers and via the ALNCO at staff meetings

  • Further needs will be identified and highlighted through MHFE and PASS assessments

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