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What We Do

Nant-y-Bryniau is an educational facility that provides education and support to the young people who are admitted to The North Wales Adolescent Service Unit (NWAS), and to Kite, the Intensive Community Support Team, both CAMHS tier 4.  We work in close partnership with both teams; assisting in meeting the needs of patients from across the whole of North Wales admitted to the services due to their mental health needs. 

Nant-y-Bryniau is run by Conwy Local Education Authority on behalf of all the unitary departments across the north of the country.  We are situated in a purpose-built facility adjacent to the NWAS inpatient ward in the picturesque grounds of Abergele Hospital.

Young people who have severe and complex mental health issues are admitted to NWAS for a period of residential intensive therapeutic treatment.  During pupils' stays at the unit, they attend Nant-y-Bryniau Education Centre. Young people admitted to Kite are community-based but access Nant-y-Bryniau provision either by attending our Kite teaching group in Abergele up to five afternoons per week or they are supported in their locality to liaise with their existing school/college or to identify future possibilities with access to Careers Wales and other providers.

Our Aims

Those in education:

  • Link with  existing education providers to continue the established education pathway

  • Continue curriculum commitments as closely as possible

  • Plan for and support successful re-integration into school, college or alternative education provision

Those not in education or training:

  • Provide a valid and meaningful educational experience appropriate for individual needs

  • Identify potential next steps opportunities for education, training or employment

Nant-y-Bryniau Education Centre is an integral part of the North Wales Adolescent Service (NWAS) located on the outskirts of Abergele.

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